I created the branding for Caere Design and, as many other creatives may have experienced before, this is an exciting exercise but also a very difficult one since it gets very personal. My logo evolved many times and so did my color palette and the font choice. I also had 3 or 4 drafts of the website before settling on the one that is up now. It is very hard to evaluate and create a brand for yourself. I enjoyed the process though since I had to disagree and agree with myself but ultimately I am the stakeholder and final decision maker. I wanted an elegant brand with a feminine touch but not overly so. I want to appeal to all genders. I also designed and project managed this portfolio site.

Caere Design Business Cards

Business Cards

I chose an embossing and goldish foil stamp on my business cards to give it an elegant feel. I am also using a 300 g/m2 paper.

Caere Design Letterhead


The back of the paper use the main color of the brand with the leaf icon and the front has the stamp logo.