Franjuvis is an all-natural skin care company based in Brooklyn, NY. Its founder, Francis Perez, graduated from the University of Buffalo with a masters in chemical engineering. She decided to put her knowledge and skills to good use by creating a skin care company using only natural safe ingredients. She started by making soaps from scratch and then worked with oils, herbs infusion to produce cleansers, face creams and moisturizers. Even though Francis do not use any chemicals in her recipes, her knowledge serves her a great deal in making the right decision when it comes down to selecting the right ingredients. I wanted to portray Francis engineering background and also the natural aspect of the brand by combining them visually. The logo is a chemical formula which represents Francis background and skills, with leaves growing off of it, which represents the natural aspect of the brand. I also wanted to give the visual identity an apothecary feel with a modern touch which informed the font and color I chose. Finally, I wanted the tag line to clearly state what the brand is about: "A Blend of Natural Chemistry".

 Franjuvis Complimentary card

Complimentary Card

This is a complimentary card that can be added to packages or gift bags. The logo is embossed and the paper is a 300g/m2 weight to give it a luxurious effect.

 Franjuvis Business Cards

Business Cards

These are the front and back of the business cards. I used social media icons on the front since iconography is heavily used across the brand and the eCommerce site.

Franjuvis Homepage on Desktop

Homepage Desktop View

I chose to use very bold promotional messages area. The first module is a carousel and can be used to feature any products. I added some information customers may find handy such as skin type, oil or water based, and the packaged date since natural products can have a shorter shelf life compare to regular skin care products. The general idea around the site is to be very informative and educative.

Franjuvis Gift Page on Desktop

Gift Page Desktop View

Gift sets are major sellers in the skin care industry specially around holiday season. Here you can see all the products included within the set with their respective images and description. Each gift sets has its purpose: "The Traveller" kit set, "The City Life Lover" kit set...

 Franjuvis PDP product module on Desktop Browser

PDP Main Module

The product detail page encompasses all product information and images. One other major functionality on the site is the ability to re-order automatically every chosen period of time. This functionality is available across the entire site. Other functionalities such as customer reviews, wishlist and gift registry were considered and incorporated.

 Franjuvis PDP blend module on Desktop Browser

PDP Blend module

The blended ingredient checklist module on PDP serves 2 purposes: educative by giving detailed information about each ingredients with their benefits and properties, and also serves as a "You May Also Like" module since it will feature another product on the site using a similar blend.

Franjuvis homepage iPad

Homepage iPad View

 Franjuvis Homepage Mobile View

Homepage Mobile View

franjuvis Pattern Design

Branded Pattern Design

This is a pattern I created for the brand. It can be used for wrapping paper or cloth material. I just think it is a nice complimentary add on to the brand.