ChairUmp is an online desktop application that matches tennis players with opponents. It aims to make tennis much more accessible to you and others through a never-ending, global, tournament that encourages practice, and game time, by turning everyone into an opponent, and every tennis court into your home court. This project was more a usability, UX and UI exercise than branding. It was also a very interesting project to work on since it had me learn and use a lot of the material design standards. This is only stage one of the site and is still a work-in-progress. An App for iOS and Android will be built in the future.

Chairump landing Page

Landing Page

The landing page is very straight forward and offers the players to create an account, find and add a location. Players will need to create an account to be able to place a reservation.

Chairump Notifications


Once an account is created, users can see their notifications by clicking on the notification icon.

Chairump Main Navigation

Main Drawer Navigation

The main navigation drawer has a call-to-action to create reservations. Players can also check their activities, go to their dashboard, create locations and check the leaderboard.

Chairump Reservations - Pick Date

Reservation - Pick Date

Once entering the reservation panel, players will need to, first, select an available date. At this point they will already have selected a location from the map based on the zip code they have entered.

Chairump Reservation - pick time

Reservation - Pick Time

Once players have chosen a date, they will need to select a time. If the court selected has already time booked, these time slots will show greyed out and won't be selectable.

Chairump Reservation - pick opponent

Reservation - Pick Opponent

Once selected a time, and if not done prior to entering the reservation panel, players will need to enter their opponent(s) email address(es). The app recommends direct opponents before entering into the reservation channel.

Chairump - Player Activity

Player Activity Summary

This is the player account area where they can check all their recent activities: upcoming games, previous games and start setting up games if approved and they are the hosts.

Chairump - Reservation Summary

Reservation Summary

This is where the user can check all the details of their reservation prior to click submit. Once submitted, the user, who will become the host, will receive a confirmation email and the opponent(s) will receive an invitation email they will need to approve for the reservation to be finalized.

Chairump - Games Scores

Scores Card

This is where players can enter and save their scores once the games are over.

Chairump - Game Set Up Card

Game Set Up Card

This is where players can set up the games: allocate players to team and team names.